HBO Design System

Atomic Framework


A long-term initiative, I introduced the tenets of Atomic Design to HBO to both increase efficiency and enable global scalability, while bringing consistency to an evolving set of UX design patterns.

In order to accomplish this, we not only built a team focused on Design Systems, but ensure that this team was deeply integrated with our engineering staff. All the while, we worked to make this new structure work with our scaled agile process.

In addition to designer / developer efficiency, HBO continues to benefit from the extensible framework, having used this as the basis for the launch of AT&T’s HBO Max product.


  • Enable greater collaboration between Design and Engineering teams, increasing agility and efficiency.


  • Develop a common development approach, using modern best practices based on “Atomic Design.” Phase this approach so that it can ship in our products over time, over multiple sprints and program increments.


  • Designers are now able to restyle UI elements across multiple platforms, while Engineers’ productivity is up, due to standardized components.


  • Design Architect
  • Executive Sponsor