HBO Evolution

Visual Design Language


Few things matter more to HBO than its visual brand. As such, one of our team’s greatest challenges was to not only coordinate our visual design language with that of our broadcast networks, but also integrate this with our Atomic Design schema and evolve the aesthetic with grace, over time.

With a focus on improving usability, I led the team to adopt a sound design process and methodology, including UX research and testing. This included on-device prototyping, rapid iteration, and gaining buy‐in across the company.

While this is just a sampling of artifacts supporting the visual design evolution, I led our team to embrace a broad set of principles and domains, including color theory, novel approaches to typography (including the bespoke typeface, Street), motion design, performance monitoring, CMS integration, support for interactive features, emerging platforms, and global sensitivities.

Critically, in partnership with the HBO Design System, our modernized approach allowed for a fast (16 month) launch of HBO’s modern serve, HBO Max.


  • Refresh the visual design of our streaming products, to embody new brand values. Unify our diverse portfolio, while improving usability and accessibility.


  • Base design explorations on established values. Employ rapid prototyping and UX Research to aid the process.


  • Early user testing is already showing greater alignment to brand values, and improved usability in core areas.


  • Creative Director